Dear Bar Leaders,


Last week, Governor Patrick signed the FY10 budget and vetoed $18.5 million in Trial Court funding, which reduced our budget to $550.7 million from the $569.1 million recommended by the Legislative Conference Committee.


We now must work diligently to achieve an override of all of these vetoes and restore Trial Court funding to $569.1 million. Although the House and Senate have not yet announced the schedule for taking up the Governor’s vetoes, we think it prudent to begin our advocacy efforts now. We ask that you and your members contact your local representatives in the House and Senate to urge an override of the court funding vetoes.

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Hector Montalvo
7/11/2009 16:07:49

Todd ask What should we do about this?

1. Contact your state reps and senators via US mail, e-mail, and telephone, and let them know that you support Governor Patricks veto of $18.5 million in trial court funding, and that you, as a constituent, would like to inform your legislators of your preference that their vote be to not overturn these vetoes.

2. Advise your rep in the same communication that you believe Chief Justice Marshall's letter and posting of it on the Commonwealths' web site constitutes a violation of MGL c 268A section 2 (b) 1-3 and most likely several other laws preventing public officials from using resources of the Commonwealth to lobby for a favorable outcome in a legislative action.

3 Inform the office of the District Attorney that this action is intolerable and you, as a citizen of the Commonwealth, strongly urge the DA to take appropriate prosecutorial action against Chief Justice Marshall. It is the AG's job to determine which laws were disregarded by this activity, don't be afraid to let them know that you expect them to do the job for which they are being paid by us.


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